Let your imagination soar…

FLYBOARD SHOW® creates, designs and produces large-scale aquatic shows all over the world.

From the genesis of the storyboard to the design and manufacture of costumes, from musical creation to pyrotechnic effects, through lighting and sound to the conception of a precise choreography …

The team’s know-how is focused on all areas of artistic and technical skills that make it possible to create bespoke turnkey shows.

Permanent Shows


Zhuhai – China (Since 2017)
The night show “Ocean Resistance” was awarded Best Live Edutainment Show in the World in 2018 by IAAPA


Madrid – Spain (2019 – 2023)
“Aquaman Nighttime Spectacular” is the new permanent night show performance in Parque Warner based on Warner Bros Aquaman IP theme


Madrid – Spain (2019-2023)
Day Show on the lagoon in Parque Warner (Parque Reunidos Group)


Poitiers – France (2019)
Summer day show, 3 times a day during summer season

Special inventions and custom made effects



Board with water propulsion, flying at 20 meters high, acrobatic figures on and under water. Spectacular potential without limit.

LED suits

Waterproof costumes in programmable and synchronized digital LEDs.

Firework Backpack

Back pack which sets off fireworks from the back of the artists. Secured system, supervised by pyrotechnic professionals.


Flying surf with speeds of more than 40 km / h on the water.
Quick tricks, spins, back flip …

Floating Princess

Digital LED dress, on a motorised platform.

Water drone

A unique water drone able to lift up to 100 kg of scenic elements, performing an automated choreography

Firework Display

Fireworks, pyro effects, explosives; all in interaction with the artists.

Aquatic Holograms

Giant 3D holograms, dispalyed on a portable water screen.

LED Aqua Bike

Jet ski, digital LED design, onboard pyro

Freestyle Jet Ski with Light

Jet ski transparent shell, programmable LEDs, onboard pyro. Jumps and figures at 3 meters high. Powerful machines

3D lasers

Laser programming on set, on the surface of the water and in the air.

Fountains & Lights

3D fountains, synchronized with the performance of the artists.

How do we create your permanent show?

Stéphane Denis and the Zapata Flyboard® Team design and create permanent shows for amusement parks.

Tailor-made shows around a story, a vision, an artists’ scenography, a musical composition and special effects

First contact - understanding what is required
  • Site visit for team to analyze constraints, expectations and creative potential.
  • Understanding the DNA of the area and the target audience.
  • Initial proposal of first creative ideas and exchanges with the client
Imagination and artistic direction
  • Documentary research, brainstorming with the team
  • Creation of scenarios adapted to the DNA of the performance location, the cultures of the country and the target audience.
  • Projection of 3 scenarios: the simplest, the most daring and something in between the two.
  • Consultation of technical teams to define the feasibility.
  • Sketch, 3D visual creation and video projection
Projection of the project on site
  • Return on site to conduct feasibility tests
  • Proposition of the scenarios to the client.
  • Exchanges and readjustments
  • Choice of artists, special effects, adapted material.
  • Budget projection
  • Projection of the duration, planning of creation.
  • Team consultation to guarantee feasibility
Preparation and show set-up
  • Booking of artists and technicians
  • Creation of material – set decoration, costumes
  • Identifying & understanding of risks with the team
  • Testing and rehearsal – offsite
  • Shipment of material
Installation and rehearsal
  • Team installation
  • Installation of the sets and preparation of the material.
  • Rehearsals of the artists
  • Media promotion.

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