Flyboard® Air Shows

Flyboard® Air is the invention of Franky Zapata and marks a major leap forward in personal aviation.

First introduced in 2016, it is currently in its prototyping stage with Franky continuously testing and improving on its design and building new and better versions.

With a one of a kind machine, Flyboard® Air Show promises to amaze and inspire audiences by giving them a glimpse of the future and bringing our collective dreams to reality.

Make no mistake – this is not a Jetpack! This is the safest, smallest, fastest, strongest flying device to ever carry a human.

Flyboard® Air marks a whole new era in personal flight that must be seen to be believed.



Created by Zapata

And released in 2016 after 4 years of development

Guinness World Record

For ‘Farthest Flight by Hoverboard’ Auto-hover mode
Max Speed : 190 km/h
Flights / Day
Powered by 22 liters of kerozene
Flight time: 6 minutes
Hand free control

Highly manoeuvrable 

Safety features

The Flyboard-Air® is a carefully designed precision machine with numerous safety protocols and components to ensure the safety of the pilot and audience.

  • Quick-release boots
  • Hand free control
  • Motorised assistance
  • Triple redundant flight controls
  • Status indications via heads-up display
  • Embedded stabilisation on board, independent of flight controls
  • A throttle powers 4 turbo-engines of 250HP with an extra engine on each side for stabilisation 
  • Powered by Kerosene, carried in the pilot’s backpack


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